Sunday, April 1, 2012

Helping students to take control when being teased or excluded.

Gosh kids can be nasty sometimes... and other times they don't even realise they are being mean.

There are some behaviours just starting to surface in our class.  Until now I would have said I didn't have anyone 'mean' this year, but the cattiness is starting to appear.

I was browsing on pinterest (yes... I know... I LIVE on there!) and I stumbled across this blog by Michelle The Creative Counselor

It got me thinking, while she uses a smartboard, I have an promeathean board, but not everyone in our school does, so I made up this powerpoint so that everyone at school could use.

I am really keen to use this with my students this week.  There are only 4 days till the holidays, so it will just be an introduction and discussion this week.  After the holidays I will relook at it with them and do some follow up activities.  I really like the smart fish that Michelle has the bottom of her post.

I haven't loaded a powerpoint to share before on slideshare.  If you are not able to get a copy of it, let me know and I will try and find another way to share (unless you can tell me what to do!)


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    I seem to use mostly powerpoints on my IWB too. They are easier to make and share.
    We are learning about making good and bad choices this term so your ppt will be very handy.

    The Learning Curve

  2. Hi Carolyn! Saw you made a Power Point like my Smart Board! Looks great! I will tell you that this story sticks with the students. I recently did a bullying lesson and asked students who had been in a small group where I had shared that lesson. Every class had several students who remembered the story of the fisherman and could retell it, months later! I am so proud that they get it!

    1. It is a great story! It is certainly helping with my challenging children this year, plus helping others who often feel overwhelmed by the more dominant personalities in our class. I was so please to stumble upon your blog - it is full of great ideas.