Friday, April 27, 2012

M.I.A... my excuse.. don't multi task! & a chuckle!

I blinked... and now the 2 week break is over and we have just completed the first week of school! What happened to my holidays??? All my best intentions were thwarted!

I managed to last a week not going in to school. On the Monday of the second week I was all set to go into school, all I had to do was quickly email from home to school a couple of things I had made for 'my darlings'.

I opened my laptop picked up my breakfast, took a couple of mouthfuls and when I went to put my bowl down it slipped out of my hand!! Nutrigrain and milk all over my laptop and me!!

I hate those split second decisions to make that feel like time is standing still.... do I tip the milk on the floor or onto me??!! I lost!... milk on the carpet would be harder to clean than putting my clothes in the wash!

But the damage was done!

I cleaned and dried up as much milk as I could, and left it in the sunny autumn sun to dry, but to no avail. I fried the motherboard. :-(

I took it into the insurance company, but of course they had to send it away to confirm it couldn't be fixed. By the time they did that, then they got quotes to replace it a week had passed. Thankfully I will be able to retrieve all my files, just waiting on a kind friend to do it for me!

I rushed down to purchase my new laptop, only to get home to discover that some contractor in town had damaged 2 of the main cables in town that supplies my landline and internet! THWARTED again!!! It took 2 days for us to get phones and then internet back again!

But all is well now. I have a nice new shiny laptop :-) Thanks insurance company. I am now banned from having liquids near my laptop... Hubby and kids order!

I don't have anything to share with you today that you can use until I can access my files again. But I thought I would share a laugh from my week.

This week I have been doing a real focus on being a smart fish (see my earlier post on what that is). We had been having a discussion about how people say things, trying to make us do things that isn't good. How we should just ignore them, walk away or be a brick wall.

Miss 6 was obviously listening and thinking about things in her life. Her question... "so if Mum and Dad are trying to make me eat my vegetables can I ignore them?" Bless her!!!!

I have no idea how I managed to keep a straight face, because in my mind I was rolling on the floor laughing! But I managed to explain the difference between people trying to be mean, and people trying to look out for us. When parents are telling us to eat our vegetables they are trying to make sure we grow up healthy, and that is a good thing, not a mean thing... so I think we should listen to our parents when they tell us that. She agreed... reluctantly!

Did you have a chuckle this week you could share?


  1. Oh wow! I'm sorry about your laptop.
    Loved your funny story:)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. That truly is a bummer about your laptop. That is a horror story to me! hahaha
    I have no chuckles from this week - but enjoyed yours.
    Dragonflies in First