Saturday, February 25, 2012

Problem with students calling out?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  And this year it isn't just one or two... I have six of them.  I discovered this fantastic book on pinterest to read to my students. 
  When a child would call out I would remind them they were being a volcano.  Even some of their peers would tell them that as well.  However 2 weeks later I was over constantly having to remind these children about calling out.  While browsing pinterest (yet again) I discovered a pin {click here for the original} that got me thinking.  Using the blurt chart idea I created my own version using 'My Mouth is a Volcano' theme.

I really want to remove my voice from the classroom some more.  To be honest, I am over saying the same children's name a hundred times a day. (ok, I exagerate, but you know what I mean). 

Our rules are -
- if a child calls out, then I will point to them and then the chart.
- child gets up (without talking) and removes one of their volcanoes. (they have 3 volcanoes)
- for every volcano that is missing, they owe me a minute at the next break.
- if all 3 volcanoes are missing, then they owe me 3 minutes plus a warm fuzzy (will post about this later)
- if their mouth is a volcano for more than 3 then they come up with the agreement that it is in the 'sin bin' for 15 mins at the next break.
- everyone who still has their 3 volcanoes gets a warm fuzzy from me.

At the moment (we have only been doing this for 3 days) I am doing it for each session.  So at the beginning of the next session they start with 3 volcanoes again.  I hope in a couple of weeks I can extend it out longer - we shall see!!!

I am pleased to report, that in the short time we have been doing this I have noticed a good improvement in calling out.  My voice is not being heard, I am using visual and kinesthetic methods to help them take ownership of their behaviours.  As I said previously, so far, so good!


Click here for a copy of my volcano chart.  Please leave a comment if you use it.  I would love to hear your stories about how you have dealt with children calling out in class.


My absolute addiction and ideas generator for my classroom this year.  I have discovered so many wonderful blogs written by teachers willing to share their ideas and resources.  This is one reason I have created my own blog, so that I can give back, rather than always taking.  The other reason is, I am a wiki fan, and want to learn more about blogging so that I can make an informed choice about which format to use in my classroom.

This year has been a very difficult start for me.  I have some very challenging children in my class and only now, after 4 weeks of  'very trying times' do I feel like I am starting to make some progress.  I hopefully have 'head space' time to share what I have been trialling in our classroom thanks to all the wonderful ideas on pinterest.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holidays... just a distant memory!

3 days into the new school year and the holidays are but a distant memory.  My big find over the holidays was!  I would hate to add up how many hours I spent browsing through pinterest and other pinners boards.  But boy, I have found some wonderful things to use in my classroom.  I have created a number of them and over the following days I will share these, plus some other things we do in our class.

Not much of a first post... but Rome wasn't built in a day!