Saturday, February 25, 2012

Problem with students calling out?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  And this year it isn't just one or two... I have six of them.  I discovered this fantastic book on pinterest to read to my students. 
  When a child would call out I would remind them they were being a volcano.  Even some of their peers would tell them that as well.  However 2 weeks later I was over constantly having to remind these children about calling out.  While browsing pinterest (yet again) I discovered a pin {click here for the original} that got me thinking.  Using the blurt chart idea I created my own version using 'My Mouth is a Volcano' theme.

I really want to remove my voice from the classroom some more.  To be honest, I am over saying the same children's name a hundred times a day. (ok, I exagerate, but you know what I mean). 

Our rules are -
- if a child calls out, then I will point to them and then the chart.
- child gets up (without talking) and removes one of their volcanoes. (they have 3 volcanoes)
- for every volcano that is missing, they owe me a minute at the next break.
- if all 3 volcanoes are missing, then they owe me 3 minutes plus a warm fuzzy (will post about this later)
- if their mouth is a volcano for more than 3 then they come up with the agreement that it is in the 'sin bin' for 15 mins at the next break.
- everyone who still has their 3 volcanoes gets a warm fuzzy from me.

At the moment (we have only been doing this for 3 days) I am doing it for each session.  So at the beginning of the next session they start with 3 volcanoes again.  I hope in a couple of weeks I can extend it out longer - we shall see!!!

I am pleased to report, that in the short time we have been doing this I have noticed a good improvement in calling out.  My voice is not being heard, I am using visual and kinesthetic methods to help them take ownership of their behaviours.  As I said previously, so far, so good!


Click here for a copy of my volcano chart.  Please leave a comment if you use it.  I would love to hear your stories about how you have dealt with children calling out in class.


  1. Wouldn't it be nicer to make the blurt chart more positive?
    Maybe make the three volcanoes for morning, middle and afternoon sessions. Give the students time at the end of each session (before lunch/home) to put a volcano up if they weren't blurting out during that session.
    The individual can be accountable and honest about their own behaviour, and see their own progress then too.
    Maybe a game/reward for full volcanoes in a day/week.

  2. I really love this idea! Will be using it in my classroom. Thank you!