Thursday, April 12, 2012

A confession... I really tried!

I promised myself that when the term holidays began I would not go into school... not even THINK about school for one week! (This also included pinterest!!! no more than 5 mins a day to check the latest pins... I couldn't not check just incase I missed something marvellous!) I lasted 6 days!

I had to go back today to pick up a video that I left in my room. It was due back today, so I had no choice. I was really good though... I looked around and then left. That was this morning.

This afternoon though was a different matter. The visit this morning started my brain ticking over... I am having a change around to see if it will help with some of my challenging children. It involved a change of desk furniture, so of course, I now need to re-configure my room.

So I was sitting at home, thinking and planning. No-one else was here, Hubby and daughter were at work, son off on a camp. I was bored... If I was thinking about it, I might as well go in and do it... right???

I set myself a time limit... no more than an hour! And I did it in 40 mins! Has to be a world record for me!!! Not sure I am totally satisfied, but time will tell.

I figured if I had broken my promise I might as well do it properly!

I was searching through pinterest and found this wonderful anchor chart by
Abby on reading questions to ask yourself when reading.

I have spent some time this afternoon making an electronic copy. If you would like a copy then click here.


  1. So cute!!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Carolyn. Love your poster, thank you so much for sharing! I will pin it up in my classroom as soon as term 2 starts in over a week (and yes...I have sworn that I will NOT go in over the holidays...hmmm we will see how that works out!). Thanks for stopping by my blog. So happy to have found you and I am your newest follower. Enjoy your weekend!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  3. Its so hard not to pop into your classroom :). I'm your newest follower. Just found you through Mrs. Rubie!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  4. Just found your darling blog!! I always say I am not going to pop into my room that much, but I always seem to do it!!

  5. Just found your blog. I am a new follower. Stop by and visit some time.
    Classroom Companion