Friday, July 19, 2013

It's been awhile...

over a year in fact, when I look at the last post.

Such a lot has happened in that year - personally, and professionally.

Let's start with the personal. I have lost 30kgs and still aiming to lose more.

I am an emotional eater! I get stressed... I eat. I get upset... I eat. I get happy... I eat.
It could be worse, I could be an emotional eater and drinker! :-)

Last October I hit crunch point. My weight had ballooned ALOT after my class from H. E. double L. last year. I knew what was happening wasn't healthy for me and somehow I managed to take a stand. It started with going to the gym (curves) and then I started their eating plan as well.

2 weeks later I "threw my toys out of the cot" so to speak. I went to my Principal and told him it was them or me... either he did something about moving 2 of my students or I was going on stress leave for the rest of the year (8 weeks). Going to my Area leader all year about my problems had resulted in NOTHING. Thankfully he listened and 2 students were moved. What a difference it made in my class. I actually enjoyed teaching (well... enjoyed is a bit extreme... but it was BETTER than it had been all year). I still had 4 problem kids, and some of the fringe kids stepped up as well (with their naughty behaviour), but I could cope!

So it has been 9 months, and I am now 30kg lighter. Very proud... my treat... We (hubby and I) are going to Adelaide in the October holidays. We have never been there before, and I am really looking forward to exploring that part of Australia.

Now let's look at the professional side of my life.

This year I have a class from HEAVEN! I can't really decide if they are... or if after last years class, ANY class would feel like that. But they are the most delightful class I have EVER had. They want to learn, they are keen to do things, and the biggest plus is that they are pretty good at managing themselves, listening to instructions and actually doing what I showed/asked them. We are having such a great year.

Another change for me this year is that I am training to be a reading recovery teacher (remedial reading for struggling 6-7 year olds). So I am only in the classroom half of the day. The other 2 hours, I teach 4 students for half an hour each reading and writing.

It is very intensive. It is very prescribed (as in how to do things) and I have had to learn ALOT of things. Such a lot to get through in half an hour. And some days it really feels like I am hitting my head against a brick wall... but when I look back to the beginning of the year, to where they started, I feel proud of the progress they are making.

I am responsible for reading, topic (curriculum areas), art and PE with my class. I have the best release teacher who does maths, writing, phonics, oral language and music/drama/dance.

So there goes a quick update on my year past.

I hope all is well in your life.

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  1. I'm trained in Reading Recovery as well. I understand when you talk about intensive. That training sure made a difference in my whole perspective on teaching. Good stuff. Congrats on the weight-loss!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First