Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow day!!! Yah...

I know most of the people that will read this post have either just started their summer break, or about to... but here on the other side of the world winter is here! And I have the proof...

And I know to alot of people this is just a sprinkle, but here, it is enough to close all our schools for the day! We don't get snow every year, and certainly not for months on end.

I am just hoping that it stays long enough for us to have a couple of days off school! :-)

The fact that Monday was a holiday (God Bless the Queen) is neither here nor there... nor the fact that I had classroom release last Friday (giving me an extra long weekend break from the kids)... I will take snow days ANYTIME!... I so deserve them with the class that I have this year!

Enjoy your summer break, while I sit here sipping on my hot chocolate!


  1. Oh wow! I guess I can't complain about our cool weather right now -- ha ha!
    Thanks for sharing the picture!!

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  2. Snow days are a gift - enjoy the white fluffy stuff

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