Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goals and self/peer assessment in writing.

I always find it a challenge when conferencing with my students to leave written feedback or feedforward that is meaningful to them, ie they can refer back to, as most are not able to read what I would write... and my drawings suck! so no point doing that.

I stumbled across a fantastic idea on pinterest the other day {here} from teaching blog addict.  I have modified it as we don't write on loose paper very often, most of our writing is in our draft books.  What I have done is made a template that I can laminate and stick to the back of their books, so they can see the targets that they need to work on. 

{click here for a copy of the version to be anchored in their writing books}  I have two on a page, trim off the excess and cut in half.  Then I laminate each section.  Then cellotape to the inside back cover of their writing book.  (when the book is full, I can remove to the next new book)

Students can choose one or two goals for that day's piece of writing.  I like that idea as it gives them ownership, motivation and focus to include that aspect in that days writing. 

When they have finished their piece of writing they  stick a copy of the template to the bottom of their writing.  They can check to see if they have managed to include their goal before sharing with a buddy.

{click here for a copy of the versions to be stuck in their book each day}  I cut them into strips, and have them already sitting in a container for them to grab when they have finished.

The buddy will read/look at the writing and if they think the goal has been included in the writing then they can initial it on the line below.

I will conference with the student, and when they have mastered that skill then I will sign on the original template (in vivid) and place a sticker on it saying they have achieved that goal. 

It is still near the beginning of our school year.  As they complete templates I will give them a new one that reflects the next learning step or next whole class focus with a new genre of writing.  As the year progresses and their learning increases I will be adding goals like using adjectives, verbs, describing words etc.

What kind of things do you do to promote self/peer assessment in your class?


  1. It looks fantastic! Glad to be of help :) That's why I love sharing ideas that I see!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. love this idea... can see this working in my room too! Good to give the kids a focus and keeping it inline with the success criteria. Thanks and keep smiling :)

    No matter how hard they make your job remember the final reward.....

    The Christmas holidays! (stolen from L.Wilden)

  3. Hi Carolyn - great ideas and wonderful blog. I just found you and am your newest follower. I teach first grade in CA
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After